More ICSN History

ICSN is a non-profit organisation that was founded in 1998 by Umunne Olie as a forum to empower young Igbo people. With over 2,500 members, and still growing, ICSN is the UK’s largest networking organisation for young adults of Nigerian Igbo descent.



The Igbo people take naming very seriously and it is a major part of our culture. ICSN stands for the “Igbo Cultural and Support Network”.

Our tag Line is “Igwebike, Udo na Oganiru” which when translated into  means “Unity is Strength, Peace and Progression”.

We are passionate about our rich cultural heritage and are committed to enhancing cultural awareness amongst Ndi-Igbo and friends of Igbo land. ICSN provides the opportunity for young people to learn about their culture, build professional and social relationships and to support one another in every aspect of life.


What do we do?

We meet every month and members are encouraged to partake in organised events.


We hold a general meeting every second Sunday of each month. Our normal activities at our meetings include cultural presentations, debates, quizzes, open mic sessions, health awareness discussions, business networking opportunities, book reviews and special guest speakers.


We provide a wide range of channels for our members to engage with the community and each other through our monthly meetings, quarterly newsletters, website, Kwenu blog, Kwenu TV, Facebook, Twitter and our annual events.

MORE INFORMATION ABOUT ICSN: Since 1998 ICSN has provided the opportunity for young people between the ages of 18-40 to learn about their culture, build professional and social relationships and to support one another in every aspect of life.


To date we have over 2,500 members, and still growing every single day. ICSN is the UK’s largest networking organisation for young adults of Nigerian Igbo descent and is well recognised amongst other Igbo and Nigerian organisations both locally and internationally.

We help our members not only reconnect with each other but also actively encourage them to reconnect with their Igbo Culture and Heritage through different platforms such as

Igbo Language School. Here we offer two different levels Beginners and Intermediate

langIgbo Dance School; showcasing and teaching our members the cultural and traditional dances that happen across Igboland.


And in February 2017 for the very first time we were able to  introduced Igbo Cooking School.




The term diaspora comes from an ancient Greek word meaning “to scatter about.” And that’s exactly what the people of a diaspora do — they scatter from their homeland to places across the globe, spreading their culture as they go. Dispersing or spreading of something that was originally localised (as a people or language or culture). It is often said that we the Igbo’s are born to travel, some will even go further by saying “In every corner of the world you will no doubt run into an Igbo man” and so far this is something we as a people are very proud of.


The challenge that most people (especially Igbo people) living in diaspora encounter is that over time and with the heavy influence of other cultures and creeds our own cultural values even our language suffers as a result.


We at ICSN are proud and passionate about our rich and vibrant  Igbo cultural heritage and wanted to take a stand and show that we are committed to enhancing the cultural awareness amongst Ndi-Igbo (people of Igbo decent) as well as friends of Igboland.

If you would like to reconnect not only with your people but with your Igbo hertiage then sign up and become a member today.  Our annual membership is only £35 and you will become part of the Largest Igbo Union not only in the UK but in Europe (Click below to join today)

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ICSN’s core aims and objectives are:
Cultural: To increase and enhance the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of Igbo culture
Social: To serve as a channel by which young Igbo people can meet one another, build friendships, socialise and identify affiliations.
Support: To build and maintain a strong community where we rejoice with one another during times of happiness and support and strengthen one another through difficult times and challenges that invariably come to us during our lives.
Network: To provide a forum where people can build networks that will promote and enhance their business