Our Work



Culture has this wonderful way of bringing people together, and we should never forget that.

The vast majority of our members live and work within the UK. We at ICSN understand that not everyone had the opportunity to grow up within a typical Igbo household where our culture and things that make up our culture like our language, our food or even customs and ways of doing things have been handed down naturally.

Because of this awareness that every year we create numerous opportunities and platforms not just for Igbo people but for those who are genuinely interested in understanding and getting hands on about our Igbo culture and our ways of doing things.

As Ndi-Igbo, it is our cultural responsibility to represent Igbo culture well. We have to show the world how kind and ambitious our people can be, as well as changing the image some people have about Nigerians as a whole. We fully understand and appreciate that whenever we go abroad we really are setting an example for our people, which the people we meet will remember. On many occasions, people have said things like, “I don’t like people from this country.” or “People from that country are aggressive” to us. This shows that one person can make an impression for a whole country or us as a people, so it very important to make a good one!

Living and working in the UK it is easy to notice that some things are better than in UK than back home in Igboland, whereas some things are worse and actually the UK would be enhanced by learning and adopting our ways of doing things. The idea is to share the good ideas we bring from our culture and to learn about, and maybe adopt, the good ideas from the other foreign cultures we mix with.

We love sharing our culture, typical culture sharing happens within families and close friend circles. Often during cultural exchanges we hear such comments such as, “This reminds me of our celebrations,” or “That’s exactly like this tradition we have,” highlight the commonality between different cultures just as much as the differences.