Dance Troupe- Egwu Oganiru



Due to the success and sheer talent of our dance schools, with the coaching and support of our dance school teacher Kaosochi Ezigboh was able to gather a dedicated group of dance school attendees to form The ICSN Dance Troupe is called Egwu Oganiru

IMG_4222Egwu Oganiru was nominated in the Nigerian UK Based Dancing Group category, in the upcoming Nigerian UK Based Achievers Awards 2013 (N.U.B.A.A).


This was an extremely proud moment for all of us at ICSN as it is the first award nomination for the dance group, which we were simply not expecting considering we received it just one year since our dance school was formed.

This award nominated made us realise the significance of the impact our activities are having for the wider Igbo community and became our driving force to continue to deliver.


Our dancers are truly proud of their Igbo heritage and when possible will go out and represent Igbo’s at different cultural occasions, and since its inception Egwu Oganiru have been asked to perform at various events such as at the ICSN Iri-Ji New Yam Festival, 14th Annual Gathering of Africa’s Best (GAB) Awards 2012, Igbo Day 2013, as well as multiple Cultural Events, Conferences, Festivals, Community Events, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Conventions, Christenings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Engagements to name but a few.


Here are just some of the Videos of our Dance Troupe in action doing what they do best…Sit back and Enjoy.

If you are interesting in booking our Dance Troupe for an upcoming event please contact us at with your event details (including Date, Location of Venue and Time frame for performance) so that we can check with our dancers for their availability.

Dance troupe prices do vary, so please do email us in order to get your personalised quote.