Igbo Conference


Each year, the Centre of African Studies based at SOAS facilitates the Igbo Conference.


The aim of the Igbo Conference is to encourage and promote Igbo Studies in the UK. Whilst there are limited Igbo Language and Cultural studies available in British Universities, the Igbo Conference seeks to provide a forum for intellectual and cultural exchange between scholars, students and members of the community. The conference is typical over two days (Friday and Saturday) and they normally have a great early bird offers.


Over the last 6 years several members of ICSN have helped out during the conference as Panellist, Organisers, Technicians and Quest speakers. To find out ways in which you can support them visit their website www.igboconference.com


For us and our members we find attending the Igbo Conference as a great way of really connecting with our Igbo culture and to see it from different perspectives across different generations.


What is also great is that each conference has a theme last year’s theme was on Igbo Fusion (Past, Present and Future) which was looking at how Igbo culture has evolved over the generations.


2017 Theme has already been announced as “Remembering Biafra” which is looking at the lasting effects of the Civil War had on the Igbo community 50 years on. They are looking for help in gathering personal stories from people who lived through the war, so if you or anyone you know has some valuable insight please feel free to get in touch with them. Let us not allow our stories to continue to go untold.

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