Igbo Relationships

There is this popular saying “If you want to marry rich….move to where rich people live and find love” put differently if you want to marry and Igbo people you need to go to where Igbo people go. We at ICSN are under no disillusions that a lot of people attend our meetings and events as a platform to not only network but to also find someone of Igbo decent that they can start a family with.



We at ICSN have had a long line of successful Igbo unions during our years that have all started from a chase encounter from our organisation, which we have all loved to be a part of and attend as guests of the bride’s and groom’s. This section is particularly useful for those who are single and looking to get involved with an Igbo person. Or for those who have a natural curiosity for what the Igbo marriage process looks like start to end. So feel free to take notes.