Marriage Selection

Igbo have 3 types of selections when it comes to marriage:

1: By Parents before Birth- typical done by very successful families

Also known as arranged marriage’s which are still common within certain Asian communities, most people today are unaware that traditionally wealthy families within the Igbo Kingdoms would have arranged marriages between their children as a way of maintain wealth and status. Although this type of selection has died down it is still important to be aware of its existence. This type of marriage would have been common during the time of our Great Grand Parents


2: During Childhood- to marry when both are of marrying age/due

Similar to the above at this stage of selection both families would bring their children together when they are younger to see how they interact with each other, and then would again bring them together once they are of marrying age this time leaving them together for a longer period of time in a room where they can get to know each other more to both decide that they are happy to marry each other. Again traditional this method was used as a way of securing social status. Families were very selective around whom they would want to be a part of their family. This type of arrangement was common with our Grand Parents and is still done today by wealth families.


3: Man and Woman free to choose each other (Most common form today)

Most common one we see now is when both parties find each other themselves and make the decision to both be together and go and inform their families. However unlike western ways of doing things it is an absolute rule to ask permission from the bride’s family before starting the marriage process.

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