ICSN was established in 1998 and we would first of all like to say a massive Thank You to everyone (Members of ICSN, Friends of ICSN and of course our Sponsors) who have fully supported us both physically and financially over the past 17 years and counting.

mem1As a non-profit organisation we simply would not be where we are today if it wasn’t for them and that is something we never take for granted.


Like all good families (especially Igbo families) we are always happy to encourage and welcome new members to visit but most importantly we want them to join our family and our home. As it is this growth and exposure that will help secure our future.


Once you become a member of ICSN you truly do join a large Igbo Brotherhood and Sisterhood with over 2,500 siblings that is truly like no other.


Our membership – Our membership fee is only £35 for a whole year.  

ICSN’s core aims and objectives for our members are:
Cultural Enrichment: To increase and enhance the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of Our Igbo Culture. Especially to those that have not been exposed to it.

Social Inclusion: To serve as a channel by which young Igbo people can meet one another, build friendships, socialise and identify affiliations in safe and engaging environments.

Supporting You Through Good and Hard Times: To build and maintain a strong community where we rejoice with one another during times of happiness and support and strengthen one another through difficult times and challenges that invariably come to us during our lives. Helping our members know that oce they join us they will never walk alone again.
Effective Networking: To provide different forums and opportunities where our members can build networks that will promote and enhance themselves as individuals as well as their business.


Our member benefits include:

  • Free entry to all our monthly General House Meet Up’s
  • Early bird tickets to all associated ICSN events (Iri-Ji, Summer BBQ etc)
  • Discounted rates to our Igbo Language Schools (Beginner and Intermediate Levels)
  • Discounted rates to our Igbo Dance Schools
  • Discounted rates to our Igbo Cooking Schools
  • Free entry to our monthly meetings
  • Monthly Kwenu Blog Newsletter
  • Event reviews that ICSN have attended
  • Access to our Mentoring Program
  • Access to for you and your family to our Welfare/Support Office (when you are in need)
  • Opportunity to promote Family and Friends Businesses through our multiple media channels/platforms
  • Invitation to our quarterly focus groups
  • Opportunity to Run and Vote for the Executives Team


Attend our Functions:Throughout the year ICSN hosts and attends a variety of Social and Cultural Events and Activities to help bring together and enrich the lives of our members. So why not come along to one of our monthly meet up’s, cultural and social events.

You do not have to be a member or even Igbo to attend:They are simply fantastic opportunities for those that are interested in building up their knowledge of the Igbo people and Culture both here in The UK and Abroad.

 Enjoy our Cultural and Educational Groups: Igbo culture it’s the foundation of our organization, and we believe in the spreading and development of our members and friends, this is why we actively host our Language Schools, Dance Schools, Cooking Schools, Book Clubs, Film Clubs, Museum Visits, Theatre Performances, Monthly Social Events and Monthly Meetings.

 Join our team: ICSN is run completely by a team of committed volunteers which we call our Executive aka Execs, and every year during the month of April, the executive change hands and a new team of executives are voted in.

The Executives roles are as follow:

  • Network Director
  • Assistant Network Director
  • Administrative Executive
  • Finance Executive
  • Cultural Executive (x2)
  • Publicity Executive (x2)
  • Welfare/Support Executive
  • Social Executive (x2)
  • Website Executive
  • Business Executive
  • Kwenu Blog Executive

All fully paid members are invited to vote and run for an executive role an there are also opportunities to become a sub-committee member. This is a fantastic way of actively being involved in the direction, growth and development of ICSN.

There are so many reason to become a member so join us today.

become a member

Payment and registration for membership can be done online via (PayPal) or at the door during our Monthly General House Meet Ups (Please note that payments are final and non-refundable)