Message from Network Director 2018

ICSN – Igwebuike            x2
ICSN – Udo na O’ganiru

Ladies and gentlemen,
It is a great privilege and honour that I have been called to serve in this capacity as your director. Indeed I am pleased to welcome you in this landmark moment when ICSN will be celebrating its 20th anniversary. I am even more delighted to announce my appreciation for your support while serving as a cultural executive.
In the journey to accomplishing the objectives/goals for this tenure, my team and I will like to engage with you in an open and constructive measure. ICSN was born out of passion, love for one’s community and the hunger to sustain, preserve and promote the Igbo culture. In the same vein, I invoke all of us to continue to carry that flag of unity, compassion and love as we celebrate the 20th year anniversary of the organisation. My utmost respect to all the former hardworking executives who have served in the past. There is a saying “give them a chair if they can’t stand your success” and another “none of us is as smart as all of us, working together we will achieve more”.
The vision until the next tenure arrive is coded in four letters; COPS meaning Culture, Online Language classes, P-(People, Partnership, Place) and Stability.

I am hopeful to be tapping into the many invaluable skill set of our members in leading the organisation and also the wider Igbo communities.
“Onye nwere mmadụ ka onye nwere ego” Meaning a person with a robust network of people is much stronger than an individual with a lot money. Also, ICSN motto says “ìgwè bụ ike, ụdọ n’oganiru” which means “unity is strength, peace and progress”. I therefore urge everyone of us to realise you are ambassadors and to continue to fan into flame the same spirit of unity, love and passion.

A brief overview of C.O.P.S 
Culture – people’s way of life which includes language, food, fashion style (dress codes), and so on. ICSN will continue to promote and preserving the Igbo culture via the different activities we run ranging from language school, cooking school, cultural dance troupe, annual new yam (iri-ji) festival celebration and others. Get involved, become a sponsor if you share or is passionate to any of these values.

Online language classes – with increasing interest from within and outside of UK to learning the language and culture, ICSN is working to develop an online platform where people from all over the world can connect to learn more about Igbo culture and also the language. It is my wish that ICSN will bring this project to total completion by the next new yam (iri-ji) festival 2018. We are bringing the culture to you, be a part of this movement.

P – People, partnership and place; Our greatest asset is people and we aim to deliver satisfactorily in these chosen goals but we can’t do it all alone. We need you and your partnership. Become a sponsor to any event of your choice. I want to extend my royalty to all the individuals/groups/organisations who have supported us in the past. I hope you continue and most especially this period we aim to celebrate a couple of decades the organisation has existed in style.

Stability – ICSN is a community. Round the year, we always strive to involve and engage both the young, the adults and the old. My team will continue to steady the ship and explore options to establish a standardised system of operations both within the organisation and with our partners to ensure consistency, equity, fairness, transparency, integrity are upheld at all times.

In conclusion, I genuinely believe that with you getting involved, ICSN will continue to break barriers, make exploits, achieve higher feet. I can imagine you asking, ‘how?’ Send us feedbacks, suggestions to , 
You can become a registered member regardless of your location in the world (see link on the home page for renewal/new membership). Be a part of this course, our rich Igbo culture must be preserved at all cost.
Ndewo nụ

ICSN – ìgwè bụ ike. X2
ICSN – udo n’oganiru.

Ikechukwu Aniebonam

I can be contacted via email;

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