Our Mission Statement

The purpose of the Igbo Cultural and Support Network is to promote Cultural, Professional as well as Personal growth amongst young  Igbo people primarily in Diaspora.

missionThis goal shall be achieved by:

  • Providing different forums where Ndi-Igbo’s can meet and network
  • Encourage the exchange of Cultural, Personal, Professional and Social experiences in the hopes of contributing positively to the growth and progress of the Igbo’s Culture and Community.
  • Initiating, encouraging and supporting innovative Igbo business ideas and existing businesses that have the potential to improve the quality of life of Nigerians.
  • Contributing positively towards improvement of quality of life of Igbo’s living in Igboland, through fundraising events, charity work and outreach programs,
  • Promoting togetherness, Collaboration and Empowerment amongst our members

Our statement feeds into everything we do Past, Present and Future and if we always keep these in mind we as an organisation will never go wrong.