Part 3: Investigation Process

This is also referred to as the Enquiry phase. During this phase BOTH FAMILIES start the investigation on their in-laws. One or multiple members of each family will take time off and travel down to their future in-laws to source further information that might not have been revealed during the knocking to door phase. Typically information about the groom and his family will be gathered from their neighbours, people in their village and people who know them.

22Family members are mainly looking for answers for the following:

  • Family History
  • Genealogy
  • Social Standing of the family
  • Medical History
  • Strange deaths (life expectancy)
  • History of infertility
  • Criminal Acts
  • Titles
  • Family worship
  • Family Wealth
  • In general are they Good people

This process can last for months especially if it is hard to locate the groom’s compound or family members.

This phase is so important to a lot of families because they know it can be very easy for people to show you only their good sides, but this person might have bad intensions or habits (such as gambling, or heavy drinking) therefore it is in their child’s interest to really take this section seriously. Please note that during this phase if one or both families are not happy with what information they have come across the courting process can be called off.

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