Part 4: Probation Period

24During this phase the Bride-to-be is now re-invited to go and spend some quality time with her future in-laws. Here is her first real opportunity to bond with her future in-laws (especially her Mother In-Law) and his female siblings after all she will become another daughter and sister to them so it is important they can find common ground to start building their own relationships.
During her stay which is around 1-2 weeks she is typically set household tasks to test her (set by mother-in-law and sister-in-laws) such task as cooking, cleaning, shopping etc.


To the outside world this phase might seem weird or “slave like” but it has a much deeper purpose. For what her in-laws are really checking is her ability to complete many household tasks (especially her temperament and ability to follow orders) after all once she is married she will be expected to do these tasks, and they also want to check how well she copes with pressure (don’t worry not everyone gets tested in this way).


For the bride-to-be (especially those who have been raised culturally) this is really her opportunity to demonstrate how domesticated she is, which is often a testimony to how well her mother has raised her. As well this is as an opportunity for her show case her cooking and entertainment skills


The most important element of her probation period is that before she gets married she is also be given the opportunity to learn from her in-laws how to cook native dishes that her Groom to-be is accustomed to (to see how their recipes differ from hers) but also to learn new dishes that she might not have had growing up because they were not popular in her state.

If successful at the end of this phase she is typically presented with many gifts from the Grooms family to return home with. This is a sign/symbol to her family that her in-laws are happy with what they have seen. These gifts are to be given to her mother as a symbol of appreciation for raising such a wonderful woman.

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