Spraying Money


Nigerian culture has a flamboyance that is unmistakable (after seeing the Bride List you can understand why). It matters not whether the Nigerians are from the North, the West, the East or the South of the country. Nigerians of all works of life tend to be extravagant, dramatic and love to have a good time. And nowhere is this reality more obvious than in a special act reserved for Nigerian ceremonies and functions. Anyone that has been to a Nigerian wedding, for instance, has either witnessed, or if bold enough to make it to the dance floor, been the subject of spraying. Nigerians spray dancers or special individuals with money during celebrations, delicately placing each individual note on the head of the subject. This process has a lot of similarities to the “Dollar Dance, Money Dance, Bridal Dance or Apron Dance” are various names for this very popular custom performed in many non –African wedding receptions all over the world.


A bride, for instance, can be overwhelmed by the amount of bills placed on her head while dancing away at her wedding. So much so that a family member is usually required to be on standby with a box into which the sprayed money will be collected. During the wedding process this money is way of guest to give the Bride and her Husband contributions towards their marriage it is also their way of contributing towards the overall costs of the wedding which they really appreciate. The guests are expected to be generous when paying for a dance, because the money is used to help the couple set up their new home or with their honey moon.


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