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New ICSN logo, celebrating its 20th year anniversary

ICSN turns 20!

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary of promoting our rich Igbo culture and enhancing cultural awareness amongst Ndi Igbo living within the UK, we hereby launch a new logo.
ICSN was established in 1998 as a non-profit organisation by Umunne Olie and a few committed individuals who identified that there were many young British Igbos living in diaspora.

Over the last 20 years and counting, we have provided opportunities for young people to learn about their culture, build professional and social relationships and to support one another in every aspect of life. Through this we have seen our membership numbers grow to great heights and have firmly established ourselves as one of the biggest Nigerian cultural societies in Europe.

We would like to thank our Alumni and everyone who has supported and contributed to our success throughout the 20 years.
From your 2018 Executives. Daalunu.

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